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Teenagers Know More About Sex Than Adults – Kwame Yogot


Kwame Yogot joined Okay FM’s Abeiku Santana to celebrate 11years on radio on Wednesday.

After performing the lead single Virgin, Abeiku Santana wanted to understand the rationale behind the song.

In his response Kwame Yogot stated that since he started dating at age 13, he is yet to meet a virgin.

He went on to state that most parents assume their children to be virgins and as a result hide issues of sex from them. This leaves them to satisfy their find out about sex for themselves, usually from unreliable sources.

This leads to misinformation and is the leading cause of teenage pregnancy especially in the Central Region where he comes from.

He aims to use the song to promote the sensitization of sex education amongst children and parents and reduce the number of girls staying out of school due to pregnancy.

Watch the full video below


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