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Davido covers L’Officiel Magazine talks about the End Sars movement and his new album


Davido is the cover of this month’s issue of L’Officiel Australia Magazine.

In this issue of L’Officiel Australia Magazine, Davido talks about the End Sars protest, his love for music, international recognition, politics, his new album and many other things.

When asked about his involvement in the End Sars Movement, he had this to say; “That was probably the first time in my generation to have seen people come out and really protest like that. I wasn’t there as a leader of any movement, I was there as a citizen that was also worried about what was going on.”

“I personally don’t really have no police trouble because of who I am, but I see that from the people on a daily. It was something I really had to get involved in.”

He was shocked that his song became the anthem of the movement, “It’s crazy because when we made that record End Sars hadn’t even started yet. We dropped that record two weeks before.”

He spoke about his humanitarian work and his work with UNICEF, He said “First of all, shout out to UNICEF. First of all, I love what they’ve been doing for the continent for years and years and years.”

“I think even before that, I’ve always been doing my work, I’ve always been trying to help the community, help kids. Even before this collaboration with UNICEF, I feel like it’s something I’ve been doing even without people knowing.”

Davido says he makes music to be happy and his fans should expect new music by February 2022.


On the new record, he says, “The producer, Timberland. There’s this new catch from New York. His name is Cappella Grey. He’s amazing. A couple of new artists from Nigeria too. This dude called Lojay. Have you heard of him? This dude from South Africa called Focalistic, he’s going crazy.”

For the cover he wears a Coat by Bottega Veneta, turtleneck by Fendi, Trousers by Alexander McQueen, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, and jewelry is Davido’s own.

For the second cover look, he wears a coat by Casablanca, Suit by Mugler, T-shirt by Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes by Valentino, and Jewelry is Davido’s own.


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