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Oladosu Popularly known as “PASTOR” Makes List of prominent persons to be honored at the 2021 edition of PROMINENT PEOPLE’S AWARD



Oladosu is a native of yakoyo, osun state but he was born and raised in ile-ife. He attended God grace nursery and primary school in ife and graduated 1996. Proceeded to school of science where he completed his high school in 2002.

As a dedicated reader and researcher, academic wasn’t difficult for Oladosu and he was a star student throughout his school years. He was actively involved in a number of other extra-curriculum activities.
Oladosu enrolled in osun state college of technology in ese oke, osun state where he earned his ND in computer science and later went for his IT in lexican investment company. Due to his leadship skills, he was chosen as the stock supervisor. After his IT program, he came back to college of technology for his HND in computer science.

After his degree, Oladosu went for his NYSC in enugu state. After Nysc, he worked for two years and later decided to travel abroad to seek greener pastures.

Oladosu is a respectable man who started little business when he got to South Africa in 2013. He also started money exchange from “rands to naira” and vise versa. He is popularly known as “Pastor” in SA because of his Trust skill, his clients refers his business to family and friends and even strangers, and also entrusted him with their money. That’s why his nickname became “Pastor”
Oladosu research skill has contributed to the body of academics in terms of publishing paper during the 7th international conference on information technology, which he titled “optimized handover algorithms for vehicular AD hoc network” and “Intelligent Metaheuristic-based Handover Algorithmfor Vehicular Ad hoc NetworksGbenga”
The paper is all about how vehicles can communicate with each other by using Network stimulator-2 (NS-2) and also enhancing the vehicle to prioritize so they can get the message deliver using on board unit (OBU).

In the business skills of Oladosu grew so fast that he started cryptocurrency business which he named “OLATEE GLOBAL ENTERPRISE” which allows users to process transactions through digital units of exchange called Bitcoin and also reduces transaction fees for international payment.

Gbenga firmly believes that people who wants to be successful should have their heart in it and see new opportunities everywhere.
He started again a Farming business in Nigeria “OLATEE FARM” they sell dry fish, live cat fish, Fowl, Goat, Eggs and fowl. Olatee farm increases production to meet the demands of Nigerians and provided job opportunity for youth by minimizing the problem of unemployment in Nigeria.

Ghenga stays current with Industry and business trends. He is also an ongoing learner who engages in professional development to fine-tune his skills and knowledge.

Oladosu possesses a masters in computing system engineering from Tswane university of technology in South Africa.

Oladosu’s philosophy is “Unique” – Making a difference at work, Adding value and uniqueness to the job. Being a talent. It is not the CEO that makes the difference but the company talents.

He reflect a varied personality ambition and the quality of generosity and thoughtfulness.

He’s also well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm.
Oladosu lives in Osogbo, Nigeria. He’s happily married with two kids based in South Africa.

He travels around the world. He’s Social and believe fighting for what you desire and believe in and doing it through God because nothing great comes easy and with God everything is possible.


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