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Rev. Yinka Adeleke to be honored at the 2021 EDITION of PROMINENT PEOPLE’S AWARD



Yinka Adeleke began his artistic career at the tender age of seven [7] when his family discovered his creative talent.

He continued with whatever avenue’s where available for him to express this gift until 1999 when being self-taught he began computer graphics. In that same year he launched his first comic which landed him a contract job with Prudent Bank in Lagos, which transcended over ten [10] years to Skye Bank during which period (as a contract staff and brand consultant) he started and headed the Skye High Magazine for the bank teenage account which grew to an editorial team of over forty [40] which he trained in creative writing and coordinated in the generating of content and branding/production of the magazine. He also went on to create the Skye Captain, a brand icon and comic as an incentive for the children’s account.

In the early years of the 21st century, he put into practice the acting, dancing and puppeteer training he received (from the producers of the popular Bosconero the tortoise while in All Saints Primary School) by directing and writing several stage dramas of which one was performed at Cinema-the-Baba-Sala at Agbowo Shopping Complex and the Arts Theater University of Ibadan.

Yinka Adeleke between the year 2005 to 2007 was instrumental in creating of colored illustrations for over twelve [12] books for Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Limited in which he coordinated his own team of illustrators and handled the graphic painting of some of the illustrations personally.
In 2006, he started his brand outfit with the name of Face 2 Face Graphics which was situated at Bodija within the city of Ibadan. The company quickly grew to become a noted brand icon and a household name. It was instrumental in the creation of the brand images for a lot of startup companies at the time.

In 2010 he became the brand coordinator for The Arabaa Nla Foundation, a nonprofit initiative in Lagos with a mandate to reorientate the mindset of Nigeria’s to seek and strive to make a difference.

In 2013 he spearheaded the revolution of bringing Direct Imaging (D.I.) to the city of Ibadan; an initiative which was born out of a persuasion that as opposed to popular believe, Ibadan would gravitate to a higher quality of printing if the option was available. A believe that has paid off and lead to the revolution of DI machining as the preferred means of printing for short-run productions.

In recent times, based on a conviction that graphics were evolving into what is best termed as motion graphics, Yinka Adeleke once again embarked on a self-taught expedition into the world of social media publicity via the instrument of video clips. Through a keen sense of drama, graphics and art he has been able to produce several clips for several companies and churches. A few months back, he produced a documentary for IEN (Ibadan Entrepreneurship Network) on the Power of Ideas which was viewed at the VIVA Cinema at the Palms Ring Road.

More recently, he has been the guest speaker on branding at several radio stations and a facilitator on branding at training schools and training seminars.

Yinka Adeleke is the father of three [3] and the husband of Oyenike (Coordinator of IEN). He’s also the set man of The Vantage Church with two [2] branches – the Ajibade Centre and the Carlton Gate Xclusive Centre in the city of Ibadan.


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