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Communication Minister Raises Alarm, Reveals Alleged Plot By Unnamed Persons Against Him


The embattled Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, on Monday raised the alarm that some unnamed persons were planning to release some doctored videos against him.

The Minister, in a statement on Monday by his spokesman, Uwa Suleiman, said the move was the next stage of the forces against him.

He said he is not unaware of well coordinated and richly funded campaign against him.

“We are in receipt of credible intelligence that the same forces, who have been championing a well-coordinated and richly funded campaign against Pantami, are now unto the next stage of their diabolic project.

“This time round, the forces of evil are shopping for willing partners as well as their usual avenues to release doctored videos purporting to show the minister in an alleged compromising condition as a way of creating injury on his image.

“We are least surprised by this recent move which is a clear intensification of their desperation, having failed in their assault on the personality of the minister, despite their previous efforts.”

“After concocting lies and half-truths linking the Honourable Minister with terrorism, despite his well-documented stance against Boko Haram and similar groups, these adversaries went to the extent of doctoring a document with capacity to endanger national security. It was a relief for peace-loving Nigerians that the gimmick also failed to strike that sensitive chord.

“This notice therefore is to alert the public to the latest ungodly plan and to warn the perpetrators about the consequences of such action. The Honourable Minister will not sit idly to see his hard-earned reputation as a respected community leader, Islamic Scholar and public servant being muddled in the mud by paid agents with no adherence to truth and fear of God,” he said.


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