Home CELEBRITY My Song “Isodotun” was spiritually motivated – Shola Allyson

My Song “Isodotun” was spiritually motivated – Shola Allyson


One of Nigeria’s popular female gospel singers, Sola Allyson, has shed more lights on her latest album, Isodotun.

Allyson, who recently held a virtual launch for Isodotun in Lagos, has nine albums to her credit with over 80 million copies sold.

Speaking, the musician said, “Isodotun is the process of being made new. But for me, I am renewed everyday and it’s my ninth album. I sang from the abundance of my spiritual experience. I didn’t just release an album because it was due time, but this was spiritually motivated. I believe everybody has their journey and understands how one’s journey is unfolding.”

Allyson’s powerful, soul-relaxing voice, combined with her fluidity in the lyrical presentation of the Yoruba language, has endeared her works to millions of fans home and abroad. Her music is transformational and correctional as it is entertaining. She is indeed a woman who is very deep into inspirational music.


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