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Man reveals how he was jailed for refusing to make love to his landlady (Video)


The Kenyan courts have over the years have failed to determine the root cause of wrongdoings by people in the society which makes innocent individual locked up after they are wrongly accused.

The male gender has always been the victim of circumstances like this where the law is never favorable to them. A story of by Simon Line, which was aired by an Inooro TV journalist revealed and confirmed a man who was jailed after he refused to make love to his landlady.

•Photo courtesy [Paul Ngige: Inooro TV]

A man who goes by the name Paul Ngige narrates what happened before he found himself in jail. “I was a truck driver and I rented a house from the lady who had an ailing husband. One day, the woman invited me to her house to make repairs on the television set of which I accepted. After finishing my repairs, I saw my landlady sitting on a chair naked and requested me to make moves to her. I excused myself to the house and did not return. On the following morning, I was summoned at the police station and was put in a cell the moment I reported. The woman later accused me or raping her daughter and that’s why I am serving my jail term’, painfully narrated Paul Ngige.

•Photo courtesy [Paul Ngige: Inooro TV]

It has been hard for men to find justice and they have always been victims when it comes to dealing with women. With this scenario, men have to be always keen when dealing with women. Two days ago, a police office was killed by his lover after having a disagreement. Men are now endangered species. Watch this video as the man narrates.

Watch video below;



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