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Lalong Blames Govt Officials Over Excessive Spending


Plateau State Governor and Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, Simon Lalong criticised the cost of governance in Nigeria, blaming the propensity of elected officials to employ an excess of aides.

He made this remark while speaking at the 11th Arewa House Annual Lecture in Kaduna state

“This high expenditure is attributed to the large number of cabinets maintained by these tiers of government, either to pacify political, religious and other interests, with their attendant high salaries, allowances, estacodes and the like,” Lalong said.

“Currently, at the national level, there are 28 ministries, 44 ministers and about 215 government department and agencies.

“In 2011, the presidential advisory committee led by General T.Y. Danjuma expressed concerns over the high cost of governance and advised that ‘government should begin the process of merging and reducing the federal ministries and other government agencies to help cut down on government’s unnecessary spending.’”


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